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Contact Form Vulnerability

Contact Form 7 Vulnerability in +5 Million Sites
A vulnerability has been discovered in Contact Form 7 that allows an attacker to upload malicious scripts. The publishers of Contact Form 7 have released an update to fix the vulnerability. Searchenginejournal


HTML Sitemap

HTML Sitemap: The Benefits for SEO and Users
Well-executed technical SEO means making your website crawlable. An HTML sitemap is the key to success. Search engines read your sitemap and use it to crawl your site — meaning they send a bot to the webpage to “read” it. Google bot and other search engine crawlers then determine what’s on that page. – Semrush


Google Ads – Target CPA Explanations

Explanations Added To Target CPA Campaigns On Search To Google Ads
Google announced that it added explanations to Target CPA Campaigns on Google Search within the Google Ads console. Google said “with this update, you can view the reason for significant changes in cost and conversions for Search campaigns using Target CPA.” – Seroundtable


A/B Testing

A/B Testing Alternatives for Low-Traffic Websites
In a world where A/B tests are done by over 70% of online businesses, choosing not to follow a data-driven methodology to make informed decisions on website changes might seem unreasonable.  – CXL


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Instagram Stories Analytics

Instagram Stories Analytics: 19 Must-Know Metrics to Improve Your Performance
Businesses can engage their audiences effectively through Instagram—not only through regular feeds, but also through Stories which have become a powerful tool to advertise a brand to a large audience. Brands and business owners can significantly improve their performance on the market with Instagram Stories. – Wordstream


Google My Business Video

Google My Business Video Maker Is Okay But Not Great
Google launched a free and easy to use video maker tool within Google My Business. The videos come out okay but it wouldn’t be something I share on my home page of my web site. But that being said, it is something maybe some small businesses would showcase. You can access this tool at – Seroundtable


Google Chromecast

Google’s latest Chromecast is finally getting Apple TV+
If you’re a Google TV user who’s been dying to watch some Apple TV+ content, I have some good news: an Apple TV app is finally coming to the latest Chromecast in “early 2021.” As noted by Google in its announcement post, that will make the Chromecast with Google TV “one of the only streaming devices will all the major video subscriptions.” Apple TV+ was pretty much the only one left. – TheNextWeb




The retweet is back, baby
Twitter announced Wednesday that it will cease prompting users to quote tweet in lieu of the standard retweet. That’s right, you can now retweet — without first adding a comment — to your heart’s content (just like you always could). According to Twitter, the initial hope was that asking people to add their own words to a tweet would lead to “more thoughtful amplification” on the platform. Unfortunately, as the company noted in a Dec. 16 thread, that didn’t really happen. “The use of Quote Tweets increased, but 45% of them included single-word affirmations and 70% had less than 25 characters,” wrote Twitter. – Mashable


 Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 Conversion Tracking + Purchase Ecommerce Tracking




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Reddit acquires Dubsmash

Reddit announced that it has acquired short video platform Dubsmash. The deal’s terms were undisclosed. Dubsmash will retain its own platform and brand, and Reddit will integrate its video creation tools. Its co-founders, Suchit Dash, Jonas Drüppel and Tim Specht, will join Reddit. – Techcrunch


Google services are down

Yup, it’s not just you
Many Google services, including Gmail, G Suite, and YouTube are unavailable across many countries around the world right now. The cause of the outage is presently unclear.  TheNextWeb



Email Autoresponder

Best Email Autoresponder
You know the revenue is out there and you know an email campaign can help you get it. But how do you keep a strong handle on your campaign as it plays out over weeks and months?Email autoresponders can save you a ton of time and deliver huge returns on campaign investment. Yet automation can be a double-edged sword. – NeilPatel


Twitter Acquires Squad

Twitter Acquires Text, Video and Screen-Sharing App Squad
Twitter’s ongoing mission to improve the presentation of conversations on its platform went the acquisition route Friday with the social network’s acquisition of Squad, an application that enables users to share text, video and their screens. – Adweek



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Google AdSense

Google AdSense Retiring Link Ad Units
We’ve decided to retire link ads. This is in order to modernize our available ad formats, based on the feedback from users, publishers and advertisers. Going forward, we’ll be focussing on improving and developing other ad formats to help you grow. – Webmasterworld


Google Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker Now Live In Search
Every year Google puts up its Santa Tracker before Christmas. While we have the Chanukah decorations live, the Christmas and Kwanzaa decorations are not live yet but the easter egg for the Santa tracker is live. All you need to do is search for [christmas] and click on the Santa hat GIF – Seroundtable


Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories ads now available via Display Network
Google is launching programmatic ad buying for Web Stories in open beta. Until now, Story Ads could only be direct sold by publishers via Google Ad Manager. Story Ads can be sold programmatically by all publishers using Ad Manager and AdSense. Publishers will just need to add the <amp-story-auto-ads> tag in their Web Stories. Ad serving within Web Stories is handled dynamically “to optimize both user experience and monetization potential,” says Google, meaning publishers can’t control where the ad slots appear in their Stories. – Searchengineland


Modern Computing Alliance

Meet the Modern Computing Alliance. Working together to drive “silicon-to-cloud” innovation – fueling a differentiated modern computing platform and providing a choice for integrated business solutions. We need IT champions like yourself to be a part of the newly founded Modern Computing IT Council, to help us shape the next era of innovation.

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Microsoft Teams

Breakout rooms generally available today in Microsoft Teams
Creating meaningful connection can be difficult in larger group settings. Breakout rooms allow organizers to divide the meeting into sub-groups to facilitate discussions and brainstorming sessions. – Microsoft


Instagram Shopping

Instagram turns on shopping in Reels
Instagram’s transformation into a digital shopping mall is just about complete. The company is officially bringing its shopping features to Reels, just four months after the feature first launched. The app had previously tested shopping in its TikTok-like feature, but hadn’t made the feature widely available until now. – Engadget



Google Search Console

Google Search Console API Gets Fresher Data, News Filter & More
Google has updated the Google Search Console API to give us faster and fresher data, the ability to filter data based on the news filter, domain property support in Sitemaps and guidelines on how to migrate the Discovery document. – Seroundtable



Facebook Shops

What Is It and How Brands Can Use It
This year, brands are increasingly bringing shopping experiences online. But, as businesses develop online strategies, they might find that launching a fully-fledged ecommerce website is easier said than done. While many tools make this process easier than it was in past decades, launching a successful online store still requires time, money, a web strategy, and a handful of other resources that smaller businesses might not have. Luckily, tech giants like Facebook are actively launching tools that aim to help smaller brands convert social media followers into customers. – Hubspot



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Google Search

2020: The new normals of daily life
This year, if you found yourselves asking “what day is it?” you weren’t alone. That question was searched for on Google more than ever before in 2020 as so many of us adjusted to new routines while living through the coronavirus pandemic. – Google Blog


YouTube trends

What YouTube trends reveal about human needs during COVID-19
As 2020 began, chances are that you were not spending a lot of time thinking about slow-fermented bread. But by the end of March, one could make a legitimate case that a good portion of the world was simultaneously fixated on how to achieve a superlative sourdough starter. And the evidence for that was on YouTube. – Youtube Trends


YouTube HDR

YouTube launches HDR support for live streams
YouTube in 2016 added support for HDR (high-dynamic range) videos on its platform, allowing cretators to upload videos offering higher contrast, more accurate shadows and highlights, a wider range of colors, and, overall improved image quality. Today, the company announced it’s now bringing HDR support to live streamed videos, too. This will make YouTube the first major platform to support live HDR streams, it says. – Techcrunch


LinkedIn Ads

How to Stop LinkedIn From Showing You Ads Based on Your Interactions With Businesses
As you use LinkedIn, the professional network will attempt to show you ads that are relevant to you based on a number of factors, including your location and employment history. LinkedIn may also show you ads based on your interactions with businesses (for instance, if you’ve previously signed up for a business’ email newsletter). If you don’t want LinkedIn to show you ads based on these interactions with businesses, here’s how to turn this setting off. – Adweek


Google Ads Lead Forms

Google Ads Unveils Enhancements to Lead Form Extensions
Google Ads has announced new enhancements to their lead form extensions. These two new features should help streamline and add better controls for advertisers, while creating a lot more efficiency in creation and management leads. – Searchenginejournal


YouTube Video Trigger

Using The YouTube Video Trigger In Google Tag Manager

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Facebook Polls

How to Create and Use Facebook Polls
Facebook Polls can help you unravel the problems of your audience, what you should create next, and their true sentiments about your brand. While it can help you make more strategic business decisions, Facebook Polls can do other wonderful things for your online presence – NeilPatel


Google Stadia

Stadia is a cloud gaming service developed and operated by Google. It is advertised to be capable of streaming video games up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

Google Stadia is now available in eight more European countries
Google has switched on Stadia in eight more European countries. Residents of Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland will be able to start using the game-streaming service over the next day or so as Google rolls out access. – Engadget



Twitter Ads introduces Frequency caps
Frequency caps on Twitter allow you to optimize ad delivery to maximize reach against your target audience at the optimal exposure level. Whether its brand lift or offline sales impact, Frequency caps can help you optimize your campaigns to deliver efficient business outcomes through better control over impression delivery and target audience reach over extended periods of time. – Twitter


Facebook buys Kustomer

Facebook acquires Kustomer, a CRM start-up
Facebook has reached an agreement to acquire Kustomer, a top-rated CRM that enables businesses to effectively manage all customer interactions across channels. Our goal with Kustomer is simple: to give businesses access to best-in-class tools that deliver excellent service and support. – Facebook


Search Console

Daniel Waisberg talks about how to use Search Console for nonprofit organizations. With Search Console you can better understand how you’re performing in Google Search and see what you can do to improve your apprentice and drive traffic to your website.

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Email Marketing

Best Email Marketing Services
What if I told you there was a single marketing channel through which companies are finding a 3,800% ROI? – NeilPatel


YouTube Video

YouTube Has More Ways to Build Hype For a New Video
Creators can use Premieres to publish newly-uploaded videos at a scheduled time. This gives the creator an opportunity generate advance buzz and get people to RSVP via the video’s watch page. – Searchenginejournal


TikTok’s deadline

TikTok’s deadline comes and goes with no sale and no ban, yet
After months of wrangling, proposals, court rulings and a few extensions, a deadline set by the Trump Administration’s Treasury Department mandated a sale for TikTok by today, December 4th. The day is almost over (on the East Coast, anyway), and there’s no word of a completed deal or rumor that we’ll hear about one. Instead, Bloomberg and Reuters report, based on anonymous sources, that the Chinese company and the US government will continue negotiations. – Engadget


Google AMP

The benefits of AMP
In 2015, the mobile web was not in a good place. An analysis of more than 10,000 mobile web domains showed that the average load time for mobile sites was 19 seconds over 3G connections. As a result, new proprietary mobile web formats arose as companies that distributed content looked for new ways to keep their products compelling and asked publishers to use them. – Google Blog


Digital Marketing News PODCAST

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YouTube Metrics

4 Underrated YouTube Metrics to Quantify Your Video Campaign Success
I completely understand how difficult it can be to explain to a client the value of YouTube. It does not help when video campaigns (or YouTube campaigns) are also run through Google Ads. This can set a false expectation that video campaigns can or should perform just like Search campaigns, and in most cases this is not true. – Wordstream


Google Ads News

Inspire consumers as they “window shop” with Discovery ads for the holidays
As shopping behavior shifts in new ways this holiday season, more consumers are finding gift ideas in their favorite personalized feeds—while exploring Web Stories on Discover, watching product reviews on YouTube, or checking the latest holiday deals in Gmail. In fact, 91% of Google feed users say they took some kind of shopping or product-related action immediately after discovering new products, services, or brands on their feeds. – Google Ads Blog

Stay on top of trends with the Insights page
Consumer behavior continues to change as people adjust to their new normal. We’ve seen a surge in searches for patio heaters, pajamas, and sleds in the past month–and queries like “online gift” have grown by 80% year over year.1 To help you stay on top of these emerging trends and more, we’re rolling out the Insights page as a beta over the next few weeks, available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, with more countries to follow. – Google Ads Blog

The auction insights report expands to Report Editor
The auction insights report makes it easy for you to compare performance with other advertisers who are participating in the same auctions that you are. To date, these insights have only been available at the account level, making it difficult to evaluate your cross-account performance in a single view. To make this easier for you, auction insights are now available in Report Editor at the account and manager account level. – Google Ads Blog


Google News

Google News Showcase Search Console Filters & More Features
Google News Showcase was officially announced last October as an experience for publishers to show news in Google. Well, now it is expanding in many ways including paywalled content for free, a News Showcase panels from suggested publications, News Showcase will expand to show on and on Discover. And most exciting for me is that News Showcase metrics will come to Google Search Console. – Seroundtable





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Google’s New Frontiers

Google’s New Frontiers virtual live stream

The New Era of Digital Marketing -Paul Coffey
Planning – Minai Bui
Advanced TV – Marielle Mindlin, Vincent Prinseau, Marie Meyerie (IT), Franziska Kallé (DE), Lina Pesch (DE), Camille Yemsi (FR), Silvia Benito (ES)
Audio – Kathleen Moroney from Red Apple, Natalie Bennett, Elizabeth Elsner, Melodie Zhu, Joined by Josh Woodhouse from Acast, Marielle Mindlin, Vincent Prinseau, Michael Wilhelmus (EN), Marie Meyerie (IT), Franziska Kallé (DE), Lina Pesch (DE), Camille Yemsi (FR), Silvia Benito (ES)
Digital Out Of Home – Paul Cocks joined by Gavin Wilson from VIOOH and Kate Tovey from JCDecaux
Advertising in a Privacy first world – Nicola Roviaro


LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn Events: Mixing Your Organic and Paid Strategy to drive Webinar Registrations
LinkedIn offers an elegant solution to driving registrants to your events and webinars with LinkedIn Events.  – PPCHero

LinkedIn Events – Overview
The LinkedIn Events feature provides members with an easy way to create and join professional Events that interest them, such as meetups, online workshops, seminars, and more. LinkedIn members can use the feature to find and join communities, grow their business, network with others, and learn new skills. – LinkedIn


Affiliate partners

Common types of affiliate partners

When starting an affiliate or partner program, one of the first challenges to tackle is identifying what types of affiliate partners to go after. With recruitment being the most time-consuming part of running an affiliate program, it’s better to plan your targeting carefully. – Supermetrics


Google Analytics 4

Creating Events and Conversions in the GA4 User Interface
Another VERY exciting and new addition to Google Analytics 4 properties is the ability to create events directly within the User Interface. Again, this is something you’ve never been able to do before within Google Analytics, and it’s a huge step forward to customizing your event and parameter data to get it exactly as you want it. It is also a great way to be able to create more specific conversion events as well! – Krista Seiden

Are you ready to implement it?
You’d better be, since phasing out of Universal Analytics is a question of time (years rather than months, though). So before the sun sets on Universal Analytics, let’s consider why we should all implement GA now. – IIH Nordic