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Last October, we announced the sunset of accelerated budget delivery for use with Search campaigns, Shopping campaigns, and shared budgets. These campaigns have since been made unavailable for use with accelerated budget delivery.

Later this year, accelerated budget delivery will also be sunset for all other remaining campaign types for both shared and non-shared budgets. This includes Display, App, video campaigns, and others, and this sunset will affect budgets in all versions of the AdWords API, Google Ads API, and Google Ads scripts.

Starting at the end of April, 2020, scripts and both APIs will prevent campaigns from using new and existing budgets with the ACCELERATED delivery method.

  • Creating a new budget with its delivery method field set to ACCELERATED will no longer be allowed.
  • Changing an existing budget from STANDARD to ACCELERATED delivery method will no longer be allowed.
  • Setting a campaign to use a pre-existing budget with an ACCELERATED delivery method will no longer be allowed.

Any of the above operations will result in errors from the APIs and scripts, according to the following:

AdWords API

Service Field Value Error
BudgetService deliveryMethodACCELERATED OperationAccessDenied.ACTION_NOT_PERMITTED
CampaignService budget*
[*]only if set to accelerated delivery


Google Ads API

Service Field Value Error
CampaignBudgetService delivery_methodACCELERATED OperationAccessDenied.ACTION_NOT_PERMITTED
CampaignService campaign_budget*
[*] only if set to accelerated delivery


Google Ads scripts

Method Error
AdsApp.​Budget.setDeliveryMethod(“ACCELERATED”) “Action not permitted”


Making changes to existing ACCELERATED budgets (e.g., updating amount or status fields in the API, or using their corresponding AdsApp.​Budget methods in scripts) will still be allowed until May 2020, after which any modification to these budgets will also result in analogous errors.

Future versions of the Google Ads API and Google Ads scripts may remove support for the accelerated budget delivery option altogether.

Source – GoogleBlog