The best performing Google Ads copy is always developed with some fundamental classic marketing and advertising principle in mind.

The principles that have proven themselves effective over time (meaning multiple generations) all share two important characteristics:

  • They derive from a fundamental understanding of human psychology.
  • They transfer easily when new platforms and technology emerges.

Crafting strong ad copy on Google Ads isn’t hard, but to do it right, we have to flex both art and science muscles.

We’re only given a small number of characters on search engine results pages (SERPs), so we have to make them count.

5 ideas for google ads text ads

Get the story directly from the client

Ask your new clients them to complete a client questionnaire so you can get to know their company better.

Always request that they fill out the questionnaire personally and avoid copying and pasting from their company website. There’s simply no substitute for getting the story directly from the client!

Get into the mind of the target audience

Before you start writing, you want to understand things from the target audience’s perspective. What problems are they experiencing? What are their pain points?

How does this product or service solve their problems? What questions might they have about your product?

The answers to these questions will help direct your ad messaging.

Describe how you’re better than the competition

If your ad displays next to competitor ads, how will it compare? It’s never a bad idea to research competitor ads to find out.

You don’t want competitor ads to unduly influence what you write, of course. But knowing how they compare might make clear which product features and benefits to highlight.

Include a call to action

Somewhere in your ad copy, you need to tell visitors what to do, such as “Buy now,” “View now,” “Shop now,” “Learn more” or “Request a quote.”

Make sure your call to action is strong and clear. Use an action verb and include any (legitimate) time constraints, e.g., “Shop today! Sale ends Friday.”

Have someone else proofread

If you’re the person who conceived and wrote an ad, you shouldn’t be the one proofing it. In fact, the more eyes you can get on an ad before it goes live, the better.

With this process, you have more opportunities to catch errors.

Short conclusion

There are number of ideas for Google Ads, we higlighted these five. Ads requires that you look beyond the ad itself to the landing page.

There are some technical best practices to follow that I’ve outlined here, but you also need to tap into your artistic side when speaking to other people. If ad copy were purely algorithmic, after all, everyone would be rich by now.